J-line by Jolipa - the trendsetter par excellence in interiors and decoration

Our passion for interiors knows no bounds. Since the very start in 1978, we’ve always looked for the latest trends and developments all over the world. Due to our passion for decoration and interior accessories, J-line by Jolipa is the leading wholesaler in interiors and decoration.There are several reasons for that.

J-line by Jolipa was formed by sisters Liliane and Chris, together with their partners. As a family company, we have always had the freedom to follow our own taste, intuition, and feelings. That success formula is one of the reasons for our leading position in the international decoration sector. J-line by Jolipa exports products to no fewer than 100 countries.

Despite our strong growth, we still retain our family character. We are still just as close to our customers and we keep abreast of trends via international trade shows. Nowadays, our second generation still makes a high priority of service.


J-line, the brand of Jolipa

Fifteen years ago, we made history. With our own J-line brand, we have shaped our passion for home decoration, but mainly with lots of inspiration.

Twice a year, we launch a new and unique collection. Our spring-summer and autumn-winter collections reflect the latest trends and developments. We always prepare intensively for the forthcoming seasons with advice from professional trend watchers.

Our extensive assortment of 8000 articles includes a wide range of product categories e.g. furniture, decoration, lights, garden accessories, etc.

All possible styles are represented, from classic, modern, vintage, industrial, and exotic to baroque.