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This season even more than ever we are very proud of our new Spring - Summer Catalogue 2021! Like you, we have been challenged to work in a different and safer way during this corona pandemic. It hasn’t made it any easier, but all the positive feedback from you has been a great motivation for us to always give it our best. Thank you! Especially for you, we have made sure that you can make your staycation this summer even more enjoyable. Thanks to J-line, you can now enjoy the most exclusive interiors such as chic retreats, boutique hotels and resorts at home. We have also given special thought to your outdoor area: create a nice tiki bar, where you can shake plenty of cocktails. Or make your swimming pool area or pond a place for relaxation. And why not organise a garden party in the fields or in an orchard for your close friends?  In short, enjoy to the fullest with J-line, together with the people you care about the most.  Home is where your story begins.

Collections from our design team:

Zanzibar Life

Have you been wanting to explore your dream destination for a long time? Now you can remove this from your bucket list. J-line’s “Zanzibar Life” collection brings you the experience of a tropical island. You will end up in a paradise, where you will experience the ultimate holiday feeling over and over again. The combination of white with natural materials such as rattan...

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Butterscotch Jungle

Are you born to be wild?  Then have a blast with the “Butterscotch Jungle” collection by J-line. Ready to go on an expedition with us? Combine dark wooden furniture with a tropical rattan lamp and let the sun glow down over your interior. Attention! Occasionally a resident from your green oasis will want to steal the show, like a toucan or stork in the shape of a stylish...

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Sakura Blush

Explore the land of the rising sun with J-line’s “Sakura Blush” collection. Elegance at its best! Go for white in combination with powder pink. Place an impressive vase in which a beautiful cherry blossom can shine. Decorate your living room in such a way that you can relive your family traditions.  Simplicity = love!

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Blooming Summer

Let your party bloom!  Play with the beauty of flowers and turn them into a real garden party. Show off the variety of intense colours on your party table. Dare to combine, invest in fun vases and don’t forget to show off your trendy candle holders, which will create an extra intense atmosphere when night falls. With J-line’s “Blooming Summer” your party...

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Grey Getaway

Sometimes you need a break, ideally in a beautiful place. With J-line’s “Grey Getaway” you can escape your daily routine and rediscover the beauty of simple things. This elegant collection goes back to the essence. Having drinks with your inner circle and preparing a delicious meal using only pure products. Present your cooking skills in bowls in neutral...

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Club Expedition

With J-line’s “Club Expedition” your world will become a little bit different. The different shades of green from this collection, which you will find mainly on beautiful glassware such as vases and candle holders, but also on beautiful linen plaids, will bring you a lot closer to your expedition. These natural shades from the forest are at their best, combined with dark...

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Studio Fluo

Squeeze the day!  Give colour to your life. Turn your flat or studio into a trendy hotspot. The big city life allows you to mix neutral tones with a vibrant yellow neon colour. Set accents in your kitchen, living room, dining area,... Let the “yellow thread” run through your house.  If life gives you lemons, then let lemons give you lemonade!

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Desert Dreamer

Dream big & let your African adventure begin!  Imagine yourself in a super-luxury lodge reminiscing about all your discoveries and experiences of that day. Just saw the big five? Let that unique moment resonate for a long time. Pick out your most beautiful elephant figurines, cushions with tiger or zebra print and browse through your suitcases. Admire your pictures or your own...

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Are you also a huge marble fan? Then the “Marmaros” collection of J-line will instantly make your heart beat faster. As a design lover, with a black & white interior as home base, all the marble accents will really stand out. A few playful marble kitchen accessories, such as chopping boards, a mortar,... will make your kitchen a lot more fancy! Your kitchen immediately becomes...

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Maison Pamplemousse

Want to relax in one of those beautiful beach houses in Ibiza? With J-line’s “Maison Pamplemousse” collection, you can create your own tropical paradise where it’s always nice to spend time and especially to dream away. When decorating, think of natural materials such as rattan, jute, reed,... Add a blush of peach in different textile textures and extend the...

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Cabinet Des Curiosites

Also crazy about vintage? Then we certainly advise you to have a look at J-line’s “Cabinet Des Curiosités” collection. In order to obtain this interesting interior, you have to comply with a number of rules: make sure you place a cupboard with many different compartments in the centre of your house. Preferably in black (or with black accents). Then, you should not...

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Bora Bora

Welcome to Bora Bora. Come home to your chosen retreat. Relax and doing nothing is now on your agenda. We will only let you make an exception to swim in your outdoor pool, sink into a sea of cushions with a good book or glass of wine or get a breath of fresh air by the sea. This collection is pure richness in terms of enjoyment and quality time for yourself.  Relax and take it easy!

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Ngorongoro Lodge

Enjoy a relaxed atmosphere in a colonial setting where you can let your creativity run wild. Complete your book at an inviting desk or create pure poetry while dreaming away on a beautiful rattan chair. Decorate a few transparent vases with green treasures you found on your last outdoor walk. The chic black and white colour combination allows you to combine endlessly with natural...

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Moroccan Sunset

With J-line’s “Moroccan Sunset” collection, you immediately feel as if you are in a chic boutique hotel in Marrakech. Wake up to the sound of birds and enter a magical world of scents and colours. The complementary colours of peach and clear blue are reflected in beautiful pots, transparent vases, hurricanes,... Would you like to be Moroccan royalty for one day? Then...

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Violet Ambition

Are you also living your life in colours? Then choose for the theme that J-line’s “Violet Ambition” radiates. Purple combined with soft beige and caramel shades are the hit of the season. Add accents in a soft nacre colour, especially on the wall you can apply a magnificent mirror or a beautiful set of 3 wall objects with lilac shades. These details complete the...

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Curacao Colours

Aloha my friends.  Have fun this summer at your own tiki bar in your garden! The vibrant colours from the “Curaçao Colours” collection will make your staycation that much better. Feel free to grab a margarita or order any cocktail you like, while you catch up at the bar on one of J-line’s bamboo stools. Or relax in one of the fantastic lounge chairs with...

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The Lakehouse

Do you need some time to recharge?  Life is better at the lake.  With J-line’s “The Lakehouse” collection, you can fully recharge your batteries. The green and blue colours bring you to a state of inner peace. Become completely relaxed and surround yourself by beautiful green tinted vases, decorative items with blossoms and birds, plants and fresh smelling cotton or...

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