J-line supports “De Kade”!

J-line supports “De Kade”!

On the occasion of their fortieth anniversary, the employees of J-line collected €3500.
The management wants to offer their support to the Blind and Visually Impaired with this heart-warming initiative.
J-line thinks of the grandchild of one of our co-workers in particular: Léon.

This financing enables the development of special products for babies, as well as young people and adults. For example, apps that can recognise the colour of clothing and that are able to identify money as well. Each and every development is completely adapted to the needs and the values of the person in question.

Every day, about a thousand people work for this non-profit organisation, including Tine. Tine is visually impaired herself and has been working as the “Internal coordinator” for De Kade for six years. She is able to empathise with this world like no other and since recently she has been guiding people in the area of home guidance.

Tine came to personally thank the full team behind Jolipa with lots of enthusiasm and passion, and to comprehensively discuss her organisation.

De Kade is situated in and around Bruges, West Flanders. We wish Tine and De Kade a lot of success with everything they do.
Want to know more? Then surf to www.de-kade.org/PortaalDeKade

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